3 Reasons You’ll Benefit From A Mentorship


If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should take that mentorship you were offered, this post will help you make an educated decision about investing in an influential relationship. There are many ways that you’ll benefit from a mentorship, and this is in no way a complete list. It is, however, a great starting point. Let’s talk about just a couple ways that you can benefit from a mentorship.

There’s No Better Teacher

When it comes to a new job or a new field of study, there’s no better teacher than experience. Sure, you can search on Google to find the best books to read to “mentor” yourself. But if you’re like a lot of people, you learn faster, retain information better and perform at a higher level if you’re shown how to do something.

Mentorship is a very personal learning experience. If you’re considering engaging with a mentor, think about all of the information that someone in a particular field can teach you. I promise you won’t find this kind of knowledge  in a book.


If you’re considering a mentorship and you’re an aspiring leader or you offer some kind of marketable service, think about the exposure a mentor can bring. You’ll have someone walking you through each process and lesson relevant to the business you want to excel in. The more connected your mentor is to their field, industry or expertise the more exposure they can share with you.. So when it comes time for the student to become the teacher, your mentor can help open doors that otherwise would not have been available to you.

A Different Idea

Let’s assume you’ve recently graduated from college and you’re looking for a mentor to help you understand what working in the field that you spent four years studying is really like. There’s a great possibility that your mentor may offer a different perspective from what your professors taught you. This goes back to the first point – of the many ways that you can learn something, having someone share with you differing views and opinions will enhance your capabilities in the long run.

So what do you think? Are you considering a mentorship? What’s holding you back? Are you a mentor or currently in a mentorship and have some more insight to add to this post?  Please share your ideas in the comments!

Mia Ferba

Mia Ferba is a Blogger and Digital Marketing Guru. She blogs at AsktheGal.com. She enjoys reading, writing and donating her time to different causes.