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Based on the recent release of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have updated our Privacy Policy and would also like to provide information about how we treat your data.

The updated Privacy Policy provides details about how we use personal information and your rights concerning that use. For residents of the EU, this includes your rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For clients, users and visitors outside Europe, GDPR is the European Union’s new regulation that governs how companies protect the privacy of their European Union customers.

In addition to updating our privacy policy we’d like to share some information about what data eMentorConnect® collects and how we protect it.


What data does eMentorConnect® collect?

Every instance of KNOX® (our mentoring platform) includes core profile fields. These fields include : First Name, Last Name & Email Address.

Our customers can opt to add custom fields, such as location or a unique reference ID. However these are not required to run a mentoring program on KNOX®.


Where is your data stored?

KNOX® web servers and databases are hosted through Amazon Web Services. All client databases are tenanted and do not share data. By default client databases are hosted in the AWS datacenter located in Virginia, USA however clients may opt to host in any of the available AWS Regions, including European locations when EU residents are using our services


Who has access to your data?

Only eMentorConnect® affiliates who are designated to work with your instance of KNOX® have access to your data. Information about what individuals have access to a client’s data are often included in service agreements between eMentorConnect® and their clients, along with any additional terms specific to the client.

Additionally only users who have accounts created through their specific instance of KNOX® are able to login to the Mentoring and Admin tools. User accounts can only be created by members of eMentorConnect® or client administrators.


How are we protecting your data?

As mentioned above, all data is stored with AWS – specifically within Amazon RDS Databases that are contained to a Virtual Private Cloud network unique for the client. Direct database access is restricted to only allow requests from specific IP address ranges. These IP ranges include only addresses from tenant applications running the private cloud, and IP addresses used by eMentorConnect® development workstations.

Additionally, authorization to the access the database(s) requires whitelisted Amazon IAM accounts, which are centrally managed by eMentorConnect®. Data transferred from the KNOX® web application is always encrypted in transit. At a clients request, the data stored in the tenant databases may be optionally encrypted at rest.

To learn more about AWS’ Security Protocol, including physical access to web servers and databases please see this whitepaper.


If you have any questions about how we protect your data please email


Sophia M. Williams

Sophia is a principal at eMentorConnect® and enjoys finding creative ways to solve the problems organizations often face when building their mentoring program. She also loves to run and be outside as much as possible!

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