About eMentorConnect®

eMentorConnect® is an elegantly simple enterprise mentoring solution that empowers organizations to share their most valuable asset – the experience of their people!



“My career has been highlighted by my Mentors whose impact on me continues to drive my thinking and actions in every business and personal interaction … each and every day.”

As an avidly recognized and requested expert in the field of coaching and leadership development, Nancy draws on her diverse experience to provide eMentorConnect’s® (eMC) clients with mentoring solutions. Prior to her consulting career, she was a senior sales leader, director of operations and a marketing product manager at Pfizer, Inc. Her passion for linking the fundamentals of leadership to people development and mentoring is a critical component of eMC’s success. Nancy earned a BA from the University of Rochester and an MBA from Loyola University. As a respected operations leader, she brought together cross functional teams and is known for her instrumental role in developing and executing national initiatives linked to corporate objectives such as Women in Sales Leadership. Nancy co-founded eMC recognizing the need for a mentoring platform that was both sustainable and kinetic. As an eMC principal, it was Nancy’s mission to develop an effective mentoring program that would enhance the 3 R’s critical to a company’s success; recruitment, retention and results. In addition to eMC, she is an active board member in charities that positively impact our children and our future.

As with Mentoring she believes that “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

She, along with the dedicated team at eMC, is ready to help meet your company’s mentoring program.



Trish sees mentoring as a way to “pay it forward” in the work place.

Trish spent decades as a lawyer, technology executive and strategist at multinational companies including Turner Broadcasting, CNN and Coca-Cola. Among her roles in corporate America, she served as Chief Emerging Technologies Officer for Turner, Global Technology Counsel for the Coca-Cola Company and as General Counsel for Turner International. Trish sees mentoring as a way to “pay it forward” in the work place. She knows first hand the value of effective mentoring because it played a pivotal role in her own professional development and has always been an essential ingredient of her leadership style. Trish chose to join eMC as a principal in 2013 because it presented an ideal opportunity to combine her digital technology experience with her passion to help others share their talents and experience in the workplace. She is a change agent at heart whose community efforts include causes addressing the support of women entrepreneurs, human rights, abused children and bringing more women into computing. She is an investor and advisor to start-ups focused on macro impact issues such as off-the-grid third-world energy solutions and democratizing access to quality education. Trish earned an LL.M. in International Law from Georgetown University Law Center, a J.D. from the University of Richmond and a B.S. from Spring Hill College



Through mentoring, millennials are guided to be their most fulfilled, engaged and effective selves.

Sophie is driven to solve problems by pairing great ideas with innovative technology. The result of this pairing, she finds, is a product that improves the lives of both individuals and businesses.

Sophie was introduced to web and mobile application development while completing her Bachelor of Arts degree at Agnes Scott College. Her combination of software development experience, a zeal for technology and a liberal arts education (along with a few wonderful mentors of her own) made Sophie uniquely suited to build an e-mentoring solution. A confidence in technology and the determination to understand the psychology behind mentorships led Sophie to build a platform that is designed to solve for the challenges most mentorship programs face. Sophie and the eMentorConnect® team have built the eMC Mentoring Platform to be an ecosystem that supports mentors and their protégés through the entire lifecycle of a mentoring program. They have explored the reasons why some mentorships succeed and some fail, what resources and tools facilitate healthy mentorships as well as what drives an impactful match.

Sophie is particularly interested in solving for an often neglected factor in mentorship programs : the burgeoning generation gap. As the token ‘millennial’ in the eMentorConnect® team, Sophie is charged with representing the newest generation to join the corporate workforce. The emerging millennials have both a lot to learn and a lot to share. And through mentoring they are guided to be their most fulfilled, engaged and effective selves.

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