Workshops & Training

How much time is needed? Workshops typically are either half or full day sessions; virtual webinars are 30 – 90 minutes. All sessions are customized to the program objectives and time sensitivity of participants.

What if some participants are not able to attend? All sessions can be held virtually, or as a in-person and virtual hybrid. All virtual sessions are recorded and shared with absent participants.


Essentials of Mentoring Workshops get your mentoring program off to the right start! The Essentials of Mentoring workshop curriculum is customized to your program objective. Sample topics are :Communication and Professional Assessments, such as InSight®, Preparing for the Mentoring Experience, Steps to building an Effective Mentorship.


Virtual Webinar Training introduces participants to their mentoring tool and ensures engagement.

Case Studies

We use case studies and program related content to ensure the success of your mentoring program.

What do the case studies look like? Case studies and program related content are designed to enforce the objective of your program. Case studies for relationship building programs are generally short (2-3 sentences) and designed to facilitate discussion. Content designed for program sustainability pull through the learnings from program workshops (e.g. leadership training, professional development). Knowledge transfer programs use technical, multi media materials that are composed by the mentor, company and eMentorConnect®.

Where do participants see this content? Participants access case studies and content in the mentoring tool, where they also capture their notes and evaluation. Mentees are provided with tips on how to approach the content; mentors are provided with guides on how to evaluate their mentees.


Popular Case Study Curriculums

Millennial Matters is designed to harness the power of multi-generational differences in your organization.


Out To Make A Difference is an innovative program to build diversity and inclusion in your culture. Program architecture pairs straight allies with LGBT business resource group members to discuss-LGBT friendly nomenclature and best practices to role model inclusive work cultures


Conscious Confidence drives positive cultural impact through business problem solving.Program architecture pairs female and male leaders using business-based content that illuminates strengths in problem solving.


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