Relationship Building

Typical Programs Employee Engagement and Retention Initiatives, Networking between Field and Home Office, Diversity/Affinity Groups
Program Objective Relationship building, networking, bridging geographic and functional area distances
Content Level Shorter case studies designed to facilitate discussion and build relationships
Metrics Lighter metrics with focus on mentor’s insight on mentee’s progress

Relationship Building
Content Amount

“[I’m] seeing a different side of the organization. I am mentoring someone from a different business unit. We have discussed and shared a great deal about culture and part of the development culture of our business unit and how to use that as you network across the organization”

2014 Mentee Participant, Fortune 500 Pharma Company

Program Sustainability

Typical Programs Growing Established Mentoring Programs, Leadership Development Programs, Professional Development Programs, Onboarding
Program Objective Sustain learnings from programs and workshops, both mentees and mentors reinforce learnings from past programs, discuss program topics with experts in company
Content Level Content related to program, often case studies and situational scenarios that allow mentees to demonstrate their understanding of the program’s topics
Metrics In depth reporting on the mentee’s understanding of topics from both the mentee’s and mentor’s perspectives

Sustain Learnings from Programs and Workshops
Content Amount

“I’ve been both a mentee and mentor in our emerging leaders program for years … having a tool to help organize and capture our thoughts after the program, and then having a past participant to discuss them with, was incredibly helpful. I really had to practice what I learned.”

2015 Mentor Participant


Knowledge Transfer

Typical Programs Succession Planning, Technical Competency Transfer, Multi-Generational Workforce Challenges, Onboarding
Program Objective Transfer technical knowledge from veteran employees nearing retirement to the new generation of technical leaders
Content Level Deep, technical content; often a capture of the actual, working knowledge of the mentor
Metrics Deep, detailed metrics tracking the progress of the mentee

Transfer Knowledge from Veteran to New Employees
Content Amount

“We’re approaching a staggering knowledge cliff, [and] without a program in place we would lose all the technical knowledge sitting in the heads of our future retirees.”

2014 Mentee Sponsor, Global IT Service Provider

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