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5 Ways to Improve Employee Health, both Social and Mental

5 Ways to Improve Employee Health, both Social and Mental

Clear-thinking, decisiveness, and optimism can be a massive benefit to your company and overall objectives. Poor well-being is not only taxing on your employees but the efficiency of your entire operation. It can cause mental health problems, low mood, difficulty with decision-making, poor concentration, and generally inadequate work performance. However, it is very easy to implement practices that can enforce the importance of mental health and improve the general wellbeing of your employees at work.

Here’s How Your Organization Can Promote Wellbeing

Creating an environment of positive well-being does not have to cost you a fortune. In fact, there are several changes you can make that will dramatically improve the social and mental space of your organization.

Create a Comfortable Working Environment

Your workspace should be built to be comfortable and efficient. Having an ergonomic workplace helps eliminate distractions and allows for employees to be more efficient. You should consider the limitations and capabilities of each person – because an ergonomic workplace attempts to reduce physical pressure and fatigue.Your employees need to be comfortable at their desk or set working area but more importantly they need to feel comfortable with their coworkers and overall vibes. It is important to show you support your employees and that you care about them. Make sure they know that their voices are heard. Employee surveys are a great way to get a further read on office culture.

Encourage Continuous Learning

Learning is a life-long process and shouldn’t stop right after you graduate your highest degree of education. Continuous learning can help increase the confidence and self-esteem of your employees. Many have reported that their job allowing for the opportunity to continue their education is something they look for and value. This can also impact whether or not they choose to take a job. You can streamline these efforts by providing resources for continuous learning in the form of online courses, webinars, printed resources, sponsored classes, access to online classes and videos.

Allow for Flexibility

Time off from work should be a priority for your leadership team. While you might think this is counter intuitive to productivity, it is essential to destress. Time off allows for you and your employees to decompress, take a break from your routine to reset and help boost creativity upon return. Time to relax or play will enrich their time at work.

Assist in Creating Office Friendships

Experts believe that teams of friends outperform teams of strangers. Friends are better able to distribute work because they understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Work friendships make work more enjoyable for your employees, and it can increase productivity and work results. Two ways you can facilitate friendships/teamwork is by allowing coworkers time to socialize at work or by hosting social events after hours outside of work.

Build a Meaningful Mentorship Program

Mentorship Programs have great success rates, especially when custom tailored to your specific organization. These programs can help improve employee job satisfaction, increase engagement, and provide organization wide and personal development. Mentoring allows employees to learn from each other and believe their company is invested in their development as well as their wellbeing.

Sophia Williams

Principal & Co-Founder