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Take the bias out of mentoring with anonymous matching

Take the bias out of mentoring with anonymous matching

New anonymous mentor matching option, plus improved resources

In the latest version of the eMentorConnect platform you can run programs with anonymous matching, which hides identifiable information about potential matches. Your participants will have enough information to find the right match, but not enough to bias them when requesting a mentor. We have also upgraded our resources! Users can favorite resources for quick access, and share resources directly with their partners.

Anonymous Matching

Anonymous matching allows participants to request mentorships free from bias!

Programs that use anonymous matching hide identifying information about potential matches until a match is made. Participant see information that is important when deciding who to request, such as the match’s expertise in mentoring topics, location and preferred language. But identifying information, such as the match’s profile photo, name and gender, can be hidden.

Admin can also choose to create custom profile fields that will give participants all the information they will need to request a match.

Anonymous matching is configured for individual programs, allowing admins on our incredibly flexible mentoring platform to run multiple programs with unique configurations at the same time.

Resources Upgrades!

Favorite Resources 💜

Participants can now mark resources as their favorite, allowing them to quickly filter and find their important resources. Favorite resources will also be pinned to the user’s dashboard.

Partners can share resources

Now partners can directly shared resources with each other! Simply upload or link a resources, and your partner will be notified.

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Sophia Williams

Principal & Co-Founder