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Author: Lane Schwager

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How ‘on demand’ mentoring combines speed and knowledge to build a positive work environment We’re now in an ‘on demand’ world. All the information ever created is now just a few taps away, appearing in your hand when you need it. That’s great news when you want...

I recently started a new job, and it’s my dream job. When discussing my killer new role with a couple friends over a celebratory happy hour, one asked if I had a mentor at my new job. I realized that not only do I not...

A couple of days ago, I sat alongside my colleagues during a routine training program. We had hours of workshops that day: team building, group exercises, the company overview...

Even the perfect workshop is still just a one-time event. Improved knowledge retention is just a mentor away. Let’s face it: training and development departments have a lot of responsibilities. And some days those responsibilities feel like a balancing act. How can we make sure that employees...