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Author: Sophia Williams

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Based on the recent release of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have updated our Privacy Policy and would also like to provide information about how we treat your data. ...

Unlike other mentoring platforms, eMentorConnect™ introduces the SOAR Factor. Our Simplistic, Online approach incorporates Attribute Based matching and delivers quantitative and qualitative Results. Additionally, our platform incorporates your organization’s cultural uniqueness and can be customized to meet your performance goals....

Sure, we all know it’s important to have mentors to help you accelerate your career. Here, Nancy Wolk of eMentorConnect makes a great case for why it’s best to have both male and female trusted advisers to gain a well-rounded perspective of how to be...

Think you’re getting a promotion just because you’ve been performing well? Nancy Wolk, principal at eMentorConnect has some bad news for you: That’s not how it works. She explains why it’s essential to believe in your potential and to clearly articulate your professional development needs....

Feels like you’ve been through this before? As the labor market starts to tighten, senior leadership is rediscovering Mentoring as a way to “keep our best people connected to the organization.” Most HR or OD leaders have worked with, and even established, mentoring programs. So...