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Now your mentors and coaches can track their time

Now your mentors and coaches can track their time

Time tracking for coaching (and mentoring!) programs, plus more options for participants

We just released version 3.0.9 of the eMentorConnect platform, which is great news for coaching programs. You can already white-label important terms in your programs, including changing the term “mentor” to “coach” (or anything else!). And now coaches can track their time spent coaching! This release also includes a couple helpful tools for participants.

Record time spent coaching or mentoring

Your coaches and mentors can now track the time they spend with their partners. A simple modal within each partnership page allows them to track their hours and keep a record of work done.

A detailed report allows admins to track their coach’s hours, for billing or progress tracking.

Let participants make themselves unavailable

We’d all like to spend our days mentoring, but sometimes life (and work) gets in the way. Now when life gets crazy participants to mark themselves as unavailable. This will temporarily remove the participant from the list of available mentors and alert admins that the participant needs to take a break.

Participants can now upload documents to tasks

You can now create tasks that allow participants to upload documents. This is a great option for onboarding (we use it with new employees at eMentorConnect) and for knowledge transfer programs.

The document is only shared with the participant’s partner and admins, keeping the conversation and shared documents confidential.

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Sophia Williams

Principal & Co-Founder