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Ready to geek out on our new mentoring software features?

Ready to geek out on our new mentoring software features?

Mentoring software that will make you geek out

We don’t expect everyone to full-on geek out on the latest version (3.0.5) of the eMentorConnect® mentoring platform. But if you’re running or participating in a mentoring program, we know you’ll love these new features:

Participant driven matching gets even better!

Voluntary programs now support 1:1 partnerships

Mentees can now request ONE mentor for ALL of their topics. ! We’ve always enabled mentees to request multiple mentors to mentor them around various topics, but now mentees and mentors can also have a 1:1 partnership that covers multiple topics.

Admin approval for partnership requests

When a mentee requests a mentor, you can now require admin approval before the partnership is started. Admins have extensive details about both partners, their availability and what topics they will be working on.

Start programs with an enrollment phase

Before launching your program, invite users to enroll and build their profile. This is a great way to gauge interest in your program and jump-start matching!

Even more custom labels!

In 3.0.5 we added a few more custom labels. Use the expanded custom label system to further customize and white-label your mentoring tool.

We know that every program is different, and sometimes the terminology we’ve chosen doesn’t match yours. So you want to change “Mentors” to “Wise Ones”? Not a problem! Want to change “Mentee” to “Protégé”? You got it!

You can also create the instructions to guide participants when they are selecting the topics they want to focus on.

And, as always, you can set tool-wide labels or allow individual programs admins to create their own labels. That way each program within your tool can use their own terminology.

Availability for mentees and mentors

You now have the option to set maximum partnership limits for both mentors and mentees. Limits can be different for each role, and for each program.

Participants will be able to see how many partnership spots their potential partner has, and when a participant has hit their limit, they will no longer be available as a potential partner until they complete at least one of their current partnerships.

And admins always have the option to manually create a partnership, even if the participant has all their spots filled.

Tools to engage users

In order for your mentoring program to be successful, mentors and mentees must be engaged! So we expanded our engagement tools so admins can be sure participants are meeting and learning.

Profile flags

Program admins can mark users a “On Hold” or “Needs Attention”, and target these users in reports and notifications.

Custom engagement reports

Filter users by their engagement, such as low activity or a profile flag.

Notifications based on engagement activity

Send custom notifications to users who haven’t logged in recently, aren’t on track to complete their partnership tasks in time or have been flagged by an admin.

Want to use the eMentorConnect® platform to run your programs?

Sophia Williams

Principal & Co-Founder