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Helping Students Navigate with College Mentoring

Helping Students Navigate with College Mentoring

Universities and the “college experience” are built to help students succeed in the moment and to give them important knowledge and resources for the future. Many students struggle with the transitions both into college and out of college, but college mentoring can be a useful tool to provide extra support that can help new students find their footing in college or soon-to-be-graduates find their place in the world beyond the walls of higher ed.

College is a pivotal time for students. They’re figuring out who they are, who they want to be and what they want to do in their future. Mentoring can serve as a guide throughout this process and by creating leadership development plans universities and colleges can provide networking opportunities to connect them with people who can show them new skills, grow their knowledge and encourage them to pursue their goals and ambitions.

3 Types of College Mentoring within a University

College campuses are great because they house so many individuals with different ideas and goals. It is important to have different mentoring opportunities, so students can find and use the one that best fits their wants and needs.

Career Mentoring

When asked what could be improved on campuses, many students wished their schools provided more networking opportunities. Networking opportunities are great and career mentoring provides connections to professors, professionals and alumnus who understand the desired industry. It allows for networking and connections to be made, further insights into the industry and a possible career path to follow.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring is most beneficial for those in a transitional stage. The transition to college can be very challenging and overwhelming. For many students it’s their first time living away from their families, it’s a lot of independence and responsibility all at once. Peer mentors are matched to students based on their needs and concerns, they can encourage students and help them get involved on campus and connect with students similar to them. Transfer students, international students and veterans really benefit from peer mentoring programs.

Alumni Mentoring

Alumni mentoring is a great way for universities to educate and support students while creating a stronger bond with alumni. This mentoring program helps inspire current students and foster a deeper connection between alumni and their alma mater. It is a great and meaningful way for alumni to give back to their university and know exactly how they are helping.

Benefits of Mentorships on College Campuses

Creating a Career Path

Mentoring helps students gain career and academic advice that sets them up for success when they enter the job market. It also provides students with the opportunities to explore various career options as they choose their majors and what industries interest them.

For colleges and universities, encouraging mentorships is a valuable initiative that can improve job placement after graduation. It helps students really know if they like the careers and industries that align with their majors.

Opportunities to Connect

Creating a strong and diverse network of connections is a really important part of college, it is very helpful when looking to enter the workforce. Mentoring helps young adults learn to communicate and create relationships with professionals, a very important skill to have.

An Inside Look

If you do not know someone such as a family member or close friend within an industry, it is hard to know what it is really like to work within it. Mentoring allows for you to get an inside look into what certain career paths and day to day work really are. It allows for students to know what specific companies and industries are looking for when hiring, such as the skills they value and are seeking.

Building a Balanced Life

Having a healthy lifestyle means way more than just having a healthy diet. Mentorships can help provide balance within students’ lives. College is hard and overwhelming at times. You need someone you can talk to about anything, career goals, hopes and dreams, biggest fears, or just your weekend plans. Having someone you know is always there to listen and root for you is a great confidence booster. These mentoring relationships have the opportunity to improve mental health which can make you more productive and give you the abilities to go out and chase your dreams.

Sophia Williams

Principal & Co-Founder