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International Mentoring Day

International Mentoring Day

Sunday, January 17 is International Mentoring Day.

This holiday is designed to foster global understanding and awareness of the benefits of mentoring and to encourage more people to volunteer. It is with that same spirit that I want to provide six reasons that you should volunteer to be a mentor.

M – Model leadership skills

Model leadership skills and behaviors for others within your organization or team who need further guidance and support. Providing support, advice, and guidance to other members of the team will help them avoid pitfalls and champion pivotal moments. The greatest gift you can provide is paying it forward.

E – Exhibit emotional intelligence

Studies have shown that the higher an individual moves up the
corporate ladder, the more he/she must be able to demonstrate emotional intelligence. Mentors who continue to focus on and improve their own emotional intelligence build stronger teams, experience
greater productivity, morale and more. Exercising emotional intelligence through mentoring allows a mentor to become a successful leader in an ever-changing world. Need an EI refresher? 15 Questions That Will Immediately Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (Inc.com)

N – New career opportunities!

That’s right, mentors have more opportunities to achieve personal
career gains. A career progression study conducted by Sun Microsystems, between 2010 and 2015, showed that people who acted as mentors were six times more likely to be promoted than those who
did not, and 20% more likely to get a raise. Mentoring has more than just intrinsic benefits.

T – Tailor

Tailor the legacy that you want to leave within the organization. Albert Pine said, “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” When you serve
as a mentor, it provides you the opportunity to change the hearts, careers, and lives of others. That impact is something that will outlive you.

O – Optimize your network

By serving as a mentor, you have the opportunity to expand your network. Mentors and mentees are often matched based on identified development needs and goals. As a result, many mentorship matches are made with individuals that would not be connected otherwise. These unique and diverse relationships allow a mentor to build a broader network across the organization and leverage this exposure to bolster key relationships over time.

R – Refresh your skills and perspective

Through mentoring, you can gain insight and exposure to new
individuals within the organization. By using a multi-pronged approach of being both a mentor and mentee, you will gain a broader understanding and approach to complex situations. Refreshed skills and perspective will sharpen your overall approach to work and life.

Yolanda Johnson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Highly energetic and enthusiastic HR professional. Skilled in aligning business strategy with talent management programs that initiate and sustain corporate culture change. Demonstrated ability to apply a systematic process for analyzing human performance gaps and closing them