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The Mentoring Match Game

3 Reasons You’ll Benefit From A Mentorship

The Mentoring Match Game

eMentorConnect® relies on the 4 Ms for Mentoring, and it all starts with match

Throughout your life, you may have avoided playing matchmaker because, let’s face it, it rarely works out. But when your job requires you to become a mentoring matchmaker, you’ve got to step up to the plate!

So just how do you match people? eMentorConnect relies on weighted criteria to determine which mentors and mentees would benefit each other. You can do the same! But choosing how to assign value to different criteria is a whole other challenge.

Here’s  a trick, just between you and me: identify program objectives first, and then let the matchmaking follow suit. Nancy Wolk, principal and cofounder of eMentorConnect calls program objectives the “gateway to matching.”

Identify your own mission for running an internship program at the company, and then ask your participants to choose their objectives. Here are a few program objective choices to offer as options for your participants that will let you know how to pair them up:

  • give life to the company values or competencies
  • address work-life balance
  • sustain leadership workshops
  • cross depts to increase network and cross-pollinate an organization
  • become more digital

More options abound for objectives, and you can probably think of some that are specific to your organization. If you’ve given participants the chance to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, you can treat the matchmaking game almost like an equation. If you’ve got a mentor who has experience in navigating the work-life balance (perhaps they’ve had specific experiences where they adjusted their time to suit major life changes) and a mentee who has identified achieving balance as an objective and even perhaps a weakness, match ‘em up! And – if you still want advanced help, consider letting the fine folks at eMentorConnect use their software and expertise to streamline the process of pairing your mentors and mentees, so that they get the most out of their relationship. Participants who have a good experience will spread the word about the benefits of mentoring, and you’ll have devotees that’ll look at you not so much as Yente, but as a mentoring Connector Extraordinaire!

Kate Mason