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New Mentoring Software Features! Calendar Integration & More

New Mentoring Software Features! Calendar Integration & More

Mentoring Software Features

The newest version of the eMentorConnect platform has two shiny new features your users and admins will love, plus a handful of additional improvements. Our goals for this version were to deliver something our users have been asking for (calendar integration 📆) and level up the flexibility of the tool with a custom label for the term “mentoring”.

Calendar Integration

The option for users to book a meeting with a partner has officially moved off our client wish list, and into the tool!

Program participants can now connect and sync their Google or Outlook calendars and their partners can book and manage meetings right from the tool. Participants may book as many meetings as they like with one or all of their partners.

Once meetings are booked they will be available on the participant’s dashboard, showing all of their upcoming meetings. They are also available on their individual partnership pages. Participants can cancel or reschedule meetings from their tool.

Participants also receive notifications whenever a meeting is booked or updated.

Custom label for “mentoring”

Not every program running on the eMentorConnect platform is a mentoring program. Actually many of our client programs are for coaching, training, onboarding and more!

In the latest version of the platform we have extended our custom labeling functionality to include the words “mentoring” and “mentorship(s)”. This allows admins to customize the label for these words for every program.

Participants in a training program, for example, will never see the word “mentoring”. Instead they will request trainers, select training topics and complete training sessions.

The flexibility of the custom labeling system allows admins to run multiple programs with their own labels. With a couple clicks admins can create unique experiences for each of their programs and run the simultaneously.

Want to use the eMentorConnect® platform to run your programs?

Sophia Williams

Principal & Co-Founder