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Crazy-Smart Mentoring Topics: Executive Time Management

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Crazy-Smart Mentoring Topics: Executive Time Management

Done correctly, the mentee experience can radically advance your career and change your life. The mentee typically has the most to gain from the relationship, and the mentee can benefit the most by being bold in conversations with their mentor.

eMentorConnect offers this first of a five-part series on game-changing mentoring topics, to help mentees make the most of their mentorship opportunity.

You’re ‘chunking’, ‘time-boxing’, and distraction-free…

Ask your mentor to help you get to the next level.

We all have 24 hours in a day, but some are better at managing time than others. We all know a firecracker who seems to juggle multiple deadlines and meetings, all without breaking a sweat – and they still have time leftover for that after-work run. How do they do it and why can’t we? Time management is really all about knowing where to focus your time and why. It’s more about self-management which involves changing behaviors and developing new habits. And it’s not an easy task.

As a successful professional, you’ve likely already found your own basic time management tools. Maybe it’s Tony Robbins’ RPM or perhaps you’re following the Rule of 52 and 17. You’ve got the fundamentals, so it’s time to take your time management abilities to the next level – that’s where your mentor comes in.  Executive time management requires intimate knowledge of your duties at work, and the duties of those around you. Don’t let the discussion of time management with your mentor devolve into how best to handle your inbox! Ask these questions to open doors to more discrete, sophisticated, and contextual strategies for time management.  

  • What rules do you follow for effective delegation?
  • Am I focused on the right priorities?
  • What are your best tools for ensuring productive meetings?
  • How do you prevent colleagues who manage their time poorly from affecting your performance?


Why Should Mentees Care?

Time management is the oil in the machinery of work, reducing the friction resulting from competing priorities that intersect on your desk. The employee with executive time management skills has greater effectiveness by employing disciplined tactics that are best suited for their specific company. The immediate payoff for the mentee is an increased sense of accomplishment at work, and a self-created oasis of control in the vast ocean of missed deadlines and late meetings. The longer-term benefit of executive time management is the elevated value of the high-performing employee, who is consistently showing exceptional productivity. The added value improves the employee’s negotiating leverage within the company and best positions them for promotions and new opportunities within the company.  


Why Should Your Company Care?

Companies are well-served by facilitating mentorships where executive time management is a key topic. The benefits to the mentee outlined above describe the virtuous cycle of talent development, leading to improved engagement and retention, and expanded capacity for successful knowledge transfer within the company. A recent assessment of a nine-week leadership development program facilitated by eMentorConnect showed a 58% increase in employee knowledge of the business’ overall structure, and a well-informed staffers are well known to have improved retention rates. Executive time management is an ‘internal soft skill’ that doesn’t show up on a resume or in an interview. By promoting executive time management skills in the existing workforce, current company leadership can promote its new leaders with elevated confidence in their overall effectiveness. And with historic lows in unemployment, highly engaged employees are a company’s best drivers behind its employer brand.  

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