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Must-Read Corporate Mentoring Articles

Must-Read Corporate Mentoring Articles

Best practices on a time-honored talent development tool, corporate mentoring programs.

When we hear the word mentoring, our minds go to a happy place. We think of someone for whom we have a profound appreciation, someone who took the time to make a connection. It’s the kind of game-changing experience that should be available to everyone, and businesses know it – that’s why nearly three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies offer some kind of mentoring program. Yet numerous types of mentoring programs exist, so it’s good practice to see mentoring in action. Ergo, this week I thought I’d share a few of the most compelling and innovative articles from around the Interwebs that really highlight the impact of workplace mentoring – and how to improve it.

How Reverse Mentoring Closes the Supply Chain Skills Gap. The first line of this article nails reverse mentoring: “Perhaps for the first time in history, younger generations have skills their elders don’t possess.” Reverse mentoring typically involves technology training, with younger workers assisting their older counterparts with IT uptake and application. This article makes the case for companies to overcome the shortage of high-skill candidates by upskilling from within. Bonus: This article from ABC News about reverse mentoring suggests that the IT component is more of a convenient vehicle that bridges the generational gap toward the development of a ‘co-learning’ experience.

Improve Workplace Culture With A Strong Mentorship Program. Is mentoring part of your talent retention strategy? It certainly should be. This article explores how an effective mentoring program builds a resilient bridge between the intrinsic rewards of personal development and the extrinsic rewards of helping the organization advance. You’ll also find tons of improvement metrics for diversity and inclusion, retention, productivity, and a case study for Sun Microsystems – valuable content for those seeking to build consensus around the implementation of a mentoring program at their company.

A Few Pointers for the 60% of Male Managers Who Now Say They’re Uncomfortable Mentoring Women. While the headline crackles with snark, this op-ed earnestly addresses a recent MarketWatch report about the state of relations between men and women in the workplace and tackles the concern that the #Metoo movement has backfired. It offers insight on the aftermath of a profound cultural shift and suggests some valuable ideas on a path forward that involves greater engagement for all employees.

Bonus Resource! Check out this podcast called “Workplace Loyalties Change, but the Value of Mentoring Doesn’t” from Wharton School.  

The transformational power of mentoring isn’t the accidental result of a simple arranged pairing. The design and implementation of an effective mentorship program will address your company’s specific needs and interests, engage your employees where they are. The design stage will articulate precisely what your future workforce should look like, and the implementation will build that workforce. eMentorConnect can help your company develop a custom mentoring program with a degree of automation that suits your specific environment, and deliver success on a variety of measures. Give these articles a read to explore how mentoring can take your teammates to their happy place, and then give eMentorConnect a call.  

Mark Brodbeck, MSW

Director of Marketing at eMentorConnect. Passionate about people intent on elevating others, and other examples of enlightened self-interest. Frank Sinatra said it best: 'It's one world, pal. We're all neighbors.'