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We have totally redesigned admin matching!

We have totally redesigned admin matching!

We just released a new version with totally redesigned matching for program admins. Plus new filters and favorites for mentees looking for the right match.

Redesigned admin matching experience

We went back to the drawing board and reimagined the admin matching process, and the result is a streamlined and intuitive matching tool with powerful filters.

Each program on the eMentorConnect platform is different – including what makes a perfect match! Admins can create custom profile fields that can be used for matching, and in the redesigned matching experience admins can filter partners with these fields.

We’ve also updated matching with:

  • A guided matching workflow

  • The ability, while matching, to view the custom criteria of all potential matches with one click, to include their other partnership statuses as applicable

  • An improved interface for approving and completing mentorship requests

  • The ability for Admins to set a User’s status to unavailable for matching

Extended filters to find the right mentor

Just like the admins, mentees can also filter their potential matches by the custom profile fields that are used for matching – creating a custom filter, unique for every program!

Mentees can also now bookmark their favorite mentors. This is great feature, especially for programs with anonymous matching.

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Sophia Williams

Principal & Co-Founder