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Pricing for every program

Pilot and Growth programs for as low as $6.50/user/month, or call us for Enterprise pricing as low as $3.00/user/month.


Perfect for launching your

small program or pilot


$9,750 single, annual payment

$500 One-Time Setup FeeIncludes…

150 Participants

1 Admin

1 Program

  • Chat & Email Support
  • Serious Security
    Top notch data security that your IT group will love. Learn more
  • Participant Enrollment
    Allow participants to voluntarily enroll and admins to review and approve applicants
  • Customized Participant Profilessup
  • Admin Driven Matchingsup
  • 1:1 Partnershipssup
  • Configurable Matching Algorithmsup
  • Build Unlimited Learning Contentsup
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Participant Notificationssup
  • Resource Library
  • Basic Reporting


Grow your existing programs,

with scalable features


$19,500 single, annual payment

$1,500 One-Time Setup Fee


300 Participants

5 Admins

3 Programs

  • All Pilot Features
  • Dedicated Account Managersup
  • Phone Support
  • Use Your Brandingsup
  • Custom Terms & Labelssup
  • Admin, Self and Auto Matchingsup
  • 1:1, 1:Many and Circles Matchingsup
  • In-App Chattingsup
  • Participant Profile Import/Export
  • Dual Participant Rolessup
  • Baseline and Check-in Surveyssup
  • Advanced Reporting


The ultimate tool for organizations

ready to scale their programs

starting at  $3,000/month

$30,000 single, annual payment

$3,500 One-Time Setup Fee


Unlimited Participants

Unlimited Admins

Unlimited Programs

  • All Pilot and Growth Features
  • Training for Admins and Participantssup
  • Custom Domainsup
  • SSOsup
  • Flexible Hosting Regionssup
  • Multi-Language Localizationsup
  • Calendar Syncing and Schedulingsup
  • Communication Tool Integrationsup
  • HRIS Integrationsup
  • LMS Integrationsup
  • Custom Reporting
  • Many More Extensions!sup
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