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The Qualities of Superlative Leaders

Red Letter Awards

The Qualities of Superlative Leaders

Our perspective of last Thursday night’s event: The WICT 2016 Red Letter Awards

As a sponsor for WICT SE, we had the pleasure and privilege of attending the 2016 Red Letter Awards, honoring women in the cable media industry for their significant contribution and outstanding leadership. Here are just a few illustrations of the exceptional leadership we saw and heard from these amazing women, who were nominated by senior leadership and are beloved by their direct reports.

  • True leadership is evident by what you say about others, not what you say about yourself.
  • True confidence is knowing who you are, and who you are not; being accountable for the gifts and strengths you bring to others, combined with (in equal measure) knowing your limits and understanding how to augment your talents by relying upon the talents of others.
  • True leaders never stop learning and are inspired by endless possibility.
  • True leaders know how to feel and communicate empathy, and their “followers” have a strong connection with them because they feel understood.
  • True leaders embrace differences, knowing that the person with whom they have the least in common, is often the person from whom they can learn the most.
  • Secure leaders embrace respectful debate, and welcome the uncomfortable intersection of perspectives where something new can be created.
  • True leaders know that when it comes to leadership, it isn’t about their individual contribution – it’s about inspiring brilliant contributions from others.

We thank the honorees for their inspiring messages and congratulate them for their well-deserved awards:

  • Woman of the Year: Amy Winter, Vice President and General Manager for UP TV, honored for visionary leadership and having a milestone year that contributed to the evolution of the cable telecommunications industry.
  • Horizon Award for Woman to Watch: Donna Northington, Senior Vice President of Distribution Planning and Strategy for Turner, celebrated for her consistent record of professional success and job excellence.
  • Catalyst Award: Jen Goforth, Senior Vice President of Digital Operations for Scripps Networks Interactive, recognized for her significant contributions in the industry as a woman who holds a position in technology.
  • The Mentor Award: Reta Peery, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for UP TV, acknowledged for championing women’s issues in the workplace and developing mentoring initiatives within her organization and the industry.
  • Rising Star Award for Emerging Leader: Mariel Clark, Director of Programming & Editorial, Home & Travel at Scripps Networks Interactive, along with Amy Quinn, Director, Media Relations at Cox Communications, recognized for establishing competency and success in their areas of expertise and showing potential to be influential leaders within their organizations and the cable telecommunications industry.

And to Mistress of Ceremonies, CNN Anchor Christi Paul…. who resonated perfectly the WICT SE theme, “Know Yourself”, by very compassionately connecting with the audience and reminding us that, “We’re human, and that what we forget is that we’re allowed to be!”

eMentorConnect proudly supports WICT SE and provides the platform for their Mentoring Circles program. WICT is the largest organization serving women in cable media. https://www.wict.org/

WICT Honorees from above photo, from left to right : Amy Quinn, Reta Peery, Jen Goforth, Amy Winter, Mariel Clark, Donna Northington

Photo Credit: Ross Oscar Knight Photography

Diane Simone