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Remaining Motivated in Your Virtual Workspace with Remote Mentoring

Remaining Motivated in Your Virtual Workspace with Remote Mentoring

Motivate your #wfh team with a remote mentoring program

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of employees to adjust to working remotely fulltime. While for some the adjustment has been smooth, virtual/remote working can take a toll on more traditional employees. This blog post provides some quick tips on how to remain motivated while working remotely:

Don’t work where you sleep.

It is very easy for you to grab your laptop and work while in bed. However, it can be a drain on feeling productive. You should designate a specific area within your home to work. Look for locations within your home that support good ergonomics and allow you to spread out easily.

Maintain your normal work schedule routine.

Be sure to get up in the morning and follow the same morning routine, as if you were heading into the office. Don’t skip the morning hygiene, lol. By maintaining your normal morning routine as much as possible, you will provide yourself energy to power through the workday. Be sure to put on some normal clothes. While you don’t need to wear a suit, it doesn’t hurt to still put on a nice shirt or blouse to help you feel as though you are actually working and not lounging around the house.

Set a schedule and take a break.

While it may be tempting to “power-through” all of your work assignments while working virtually, you will want to pace yourself to remain motivated and energetic. Set a schedule for yourself and be sure to stick to it. This schedule should include both the projects or tasks that need to be accomplished as well as when you will take a break. During breaks you may choose to stretch, take a walk, and/or eat your lunch (without working!). All of these things bring structure and surprisingly more energy into your remote workday.

Use the video conferencing feature and not just the audio.

Human interaction is important. Although you may not have the opportunity to be physically near your teammates, having your visual and auditory senses stimulated is helpful to building human connection. When participating in a virtual meeting, use the video feature so that you can still view colleagues’ body language and maintain team connections.

Reduce background noise.

Distractions are everywhere. Working from home doesn’t necessarily reduce those distractions completely. The potential distractions just change. Within your home, you may have the temptation to turn on the tv, music, etc. When possible, it is important that you use the same rules that you would in a traditional work environment. Limit distractions so that you can maintain energy and focus on work.

Stay lit.

Lastly, stay lit. Yes, in both the Gen-Z meaning of the word, but particularly with lighting. Be sure to work in places that are well-lit. Lots of natural sunlight helps to provide energy while working. Be sure to keep your work area bright to help you feel motivated and stimulated throughout the day.

How do you stay motivated while working remotely?

Yolanda Johnson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Highly energetic and enthusiastic HR professional. Skilled in aligning business strategy with talent management programs that initiate and sustain corporate culture change. Demonstrated ability to apply a systematic process for analyzing human performance gaps and closing them