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What is the Right Time to Ask for a Mentor?

What is the Right Time to Ask for a Mentor?

What is the Right Time to Ask for a Mentor?

“There’s an old saying that if you keep chopping wood with an axe that isn’t sharp that it’s going to take twice as long. You know it’s important to sharpen your leadership skills, but who has the time? Last time you checked your calendar, you had so many meetings scheduled that you are beginning to wonder when you’ll have time to strategize for your upcoming presentation. Be Fearless! It’s your career.” Nancy Wolk, Principal, eMentorConnect

Wise words from our own fearless leader. This blog post, we’re making it short, sweet, and to the point. There is NO perfect time to ask for a mentor. Or by reframing it positively, ANY time is a perfect time to ask for a mentor.

Just started thinking about wanting a mentor? Do It. Even if you’ve just started feeling like you’re ready for a mentor, don’t waste any more time thinking about it.

Don’t feel a strong need for a mentor yet? Do it. You’ll be glad that you already formed the relationship, so when something changes and you’re looking for guidance, you’ll already have a trusted person in your corner.

In the middle of a slow period in your career, unsure of where you’re going next? Do it. You may have more time to focus on defining what you really want to get out of a mentor and to approach that right person. Take advantage of this slower period, so that it won’t be something that falls to the bottom of your list when you’re busier.

Just started a new job? Do it. Finding a mentor during onboarding can be one of the best ways to get acclimated to a new work environment.

If your employer doesn’t have a mentorship program? Find a way to… come on, you know now. Do it! Make it happen! You can get a take the initiative to get a task force together and start a program. For guidance, look into organization, tech, and communication guidance from eMentorConnect.

Kate Mason