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I love the start of a New Year! For many, it provides the fuel needed to re-engage and focus on personal goals after some self-reflection. Some hire personal trainers to tone up and meet physical health goals. While fitting into that old...

Every once in a blue moon, you’ll come across a very special employee. You may even catch yourself telling them "I wish I could clone you" - and sincerely meant it. Happily, you can avoid the mess of cloning and implement the next best thing:...

Many HR managers across the country are bearing the brunt of a business environment driven by historically low unemployment. The dismaying lack of qualified candidates has prompted a broader search to some pretty unlikely places, including prison. The scramble for new talent, coupled with the phenomenon...

Manual administration of a mentoring program can be a nightmare. Is automating your program the right solution? eMentorConnect LLC examines five key factors to help you make the right decision.   Click Here to Download...

We undervalue what we do well. Managers may consider this a lack of confidence. Psychologists sometimes call it the imposter syndrome. The overall result is the same: We think what’s easy isn’t worthwhile, and so we focus our attention on getting better at the things we...

giphy-downsized eMentorConnect® relies on the 4 Ms for Mentoring, and it all starts with Match. Throughout your life, you may have avoided playing matchmaker because, let’s face it, , it rarely works out. But when your job requires...

Mentors and mentees asking you what they should do during their meetings? Let’s say they’re in their second or third month-- they’ve gotten to know each other, shared successes and failures, and maybe even gone to a professional social event together. Sounds like it may...

Reverse mentoring, in which younger employees mentor older employees rather than the other way around, is a reliable and powerful way to foster creativity company-wide Innovation drives growth, but innovating successfully requires creative approaches to familiar problems. Reverse mentoring, in which younger employees mentor older employees...