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Here are the last three tips within your holiday survival guide. Using these tips will help you maintain focus and momentum to balance both professional and personal demands over the busy holiday season. ...

Why horses make the best leaders! How many times have you heard the phrase “leaders should be in the front”?  Come on…I’m sure you’re having a childhood flashback of a parent or teacher nudging you to be a leader and sit in the front.  While the...

After some introspection, it occurred to me that I spent most meetings waiting for other people to stop talking, impatiently awaiting my opportunity to speak. I came to realize the source of my irritation: I am not a good listener....

A bold pivot requires an equally innovative follow-through strategy - workplace mentoring. With disruption being used with increasing frequency to describe the events of today’s business environment, it’s very likely that your company recently executed an important pivot of some kind. Perhaps your company’s leaders have...

A key benefit for new hires is a workplace mentor. I recently started a new job, and it’s my dream job. When discussing my killer new role with a couple friends over a celebratory happy hour, one asked if I had a mentor at my new...

A couple of days ago, I sat alongside my colleagues during a routine training program. We had hours of workshops that day: team building, group exercises, the company overview...

Even the perfect workshop is still just a one-time event. Improved knowledge retention is just a mentor away. Let’s face it: training and development departments have a lot of responsibilities. And some days those responsibilities feel like a balancing act. How can we make sure that employees...