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How do you fit in your mentee's corporate dream team as a professional mentor? The 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team was the first American Olympic team to feature active professional players from the national basketball association.  The team was named the “Dream Team” due...

Do you wish your employee's professional mentor was yours? Mentoring relationships can be powerful and, when paired well, can last years and span employers, roles, and bosses. What should you do when faced with an employee who has a mentor relationship that is powerful, full of...

A 3-part series on making informed decisions about your company’s mentoring program. By now, you’re probably feeling solid about your mentoring program. You’ve decided if you’re ready to automate your program, and you’ve determined the best approach on how to match your mentees to your mentors....

Let’s say you’ve got a burgeoning mentorship program at your company, but now your mentor and mentees want advice on how to approach their meetings? Look no further, because at eMentorConnect, we’ve got advice on advice on advice for you! Last week we talked about...

It’s time to identify your mentor—a very important moment in your career journey—and your firm may have a mentoring program in place that is there to support you with sophisticated matching software to help you with this process....

So work has been going really well lately. In fact, you just had a performance review (all very positive!) and your boss recommended that you enroll in the company’s mentoring program. She gave you high praise for your technical skills and productivity, but thinks you’d...

Sure, we all know it’s important to have mentors to help you accelerate your career. Here, Nancy Wolk of eMentorConnect makes a great case for why it’s best to have both male and female trusted advisers to gain a well-rounded perspective of how to be...