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I love the start of a New Year! For many, it provides the fuel needed to re-engage and focus on personal goals after some self-reflection. Some hire personal trainers to tone up and meet physical health goals. While fitting into that old...

How do you fit in your mentee's corporate dream team as a professional mentor? The 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team was the first American Olympic team to feature active professional players from the national basketball association.  The team was named the “Dream Team” due...

Here are the last three tips within your holiday survival guide. Using these tips will help you maintain focus and momentum to balance both professional and personal demands over the busy holiday season. ...

Do you wish your employee's professional mentor was yours? Mentoring relationships can be powerful and, when paired well, can last years and span employers, roles, and bosses. What should you do when faced with an employee who has a mentor relationship that is powerful, full of...

Why horses make the best leaders! How many times have you heard the phrase “leaders should be in the front”?  Come on…I’m sure you’re having a childhood flashback of a parent or teacher nudging you to be a leader and sit in the front.  While the...

How can I benefit from reciprocal mentoring? What's in it for me? When people think of mentoring, traditionally, they think of a wise, experienced person passing along sage advice to someone more junior learning the ropes.  While that might be true, there is an inherited reciprocal...

How does your organization embody employee engagement? It will be different within each organization and ultimately depends on the executive leadership team.  Employee engagement has always existed, only the term is relatively new. Engagement used to be thought of as potlucks, birthday cakes, and the...

Effective managers make time to learn the career goals of their employees, and then do whatever they reasonably can to help advance employees toward their goals. Tragically, just 38% of workers in a 2017 RAND study indicated that their employers had promising advancement prospects. ...

The Work Institute’s 2018 Retention Report tells us that 29% of employees left their jobs in 2018 to work elsewhere, and the percentage is expected to climb to 33% by 2020. Businesses and organizations intent on success need to pull out all the stops to...