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A 3-part series on making informed decisions about your company’s mentoring program Last week we examined the question of when it’s time to automate your mentoring program. This week we’re taking a deep dive on a key question as you create a mentoring program: how should...

When we hear the word mentoring, our minds go to a happy place. We think of someone for whom we have a profound appreciation, someone who took the time to make a connection. It’s the kind of game-changing experience that should be available to everyone,...

A bold pivot requires an equally innovative follow-through strategy - workplace mentoring. With disruption being used with increasing frequency to describe the events of today’s business environment, it’s very likely that your company recently executed an important pivot of some kind. Perhaps your company’s leaders have...

Everyone thinks their communications skills are on point. It’s just that everyone else has issues explaining themselves, right? The ability to communicate clearly is not only increasingly important at work, it’s also becoming increasingly difficult. Let’s look at a couple of trends that are making...

giphy-downsized eMentorConnect® relies on the 4 Ms for Mentoring, and it all starts with Match. Throughout your life, you may have avoided playing matchmaker because, let’s face it, , it rarely works out. But when your job requires...

Mentors and mentees asking you what they should do during their meetings? Let’s say they’re in their second or third month-- they’ve gotten to know each other, shared successes and failures, and maybe even gone to a professional social event together. Sounds like it may...

Reverse mentoring, in which younger employees mentor older employees rather than the other way around, is a reliable and powerful way to foster creativity company-wide Innovation drives growth, but innovating successfully requires creative approaches to familiar problems. Reverse mentoring, in which younger employees mentor older employees...