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Talent Development through Employee Mentoring – From A to (Generation) Z

Talent Development through Employee Mentoring – From A to (Generation) Z

Forget alphabet soup! An easy guide to the terms you need to know to develop your talent through employee mentoring.

Let’s face it: talent development can be complicated. Intergenerational dynamics, opportunity inequities, and cross-cultural interplay are profoundly complex matters, each worthy of a lifetime of study. Effective talent development blends all three – and many more! – at any given moment. That’s why eMentorConnect tackles talent development from new angles every week in the Resources section of our website. We’ve compiled a list of popular topics below so that you might find your particular interest with ease. Better yet: Subscribe today to receive our blog each week. Spoiler alert: Mentoring comes up a lot in our blog content… and effective TD professionals certainly understand why! 

Automated Mentoring

If you’ve ever been tasked with administering a manual mentor program, you know what a nightmare it can be. eMentorConnect’s eBook The Mentoring Nightmare outlines why automating your mentoring program is easier than you think. 

Generation Z

Just when you think you understand how Millenials tick… here comes Generation Z! A three-part series on what new data tells us about the next cohort of applicants, and their effect on your workplace. (Parts One Two Three)

Listening Skills

We all know the story of the employee who’s here, but they’re not all there. Here’s a three-part series on the causes of poor listening, how to improve your listening skills, and how to cultivate good listening in those to whom you are speaking.


Do you simply need advice, or do you really need a mentor? Here’s a quick look (and one more) at how technology can improve your mentoring program, and here’s a blog reviewing tips on how to find a mentor of your own. Also, eMentorConnect Principal Nancy Wolk explores why you should have both male and female mentors (video).


Take a quick look at the collective behavioral trends of the first digital generation, and how they’ve transformed the American workplace. then explore how mentoring can aid in their cultivation and retention in this blog

Remote Workers

How do you keep your faraway teammates close? Here one perspective on how to bring them feeling connected, and another entry exploring how to be a great remote teammate. 

Reverse Mentoring

The profound generational interplay occurring in today’s workplace can be an asset if let it! Explore what reverse mentoring is and when it can be useful in this entry.

Transparency at Work

A three-part series on the value of transparency in the workplace, and how you can cultivate transparency – even when your company isn’t. (Parts One Two Three


It’s like oxygen: no one notices it’s not there… until it isn’t there. Not sure if your team enjoys high or low trust? Try this quick quiz. Then check out these three ways you can immediately begin cultivating trust within your team and your company.   

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