Unlike other mentoring platforms, eMentorConnect™ introduces the SOAR Factor. Our Simplistic, Online approach incorporates Attribute Based matching and delivers quantitative and qualitative Results. Additionally, our platform incorporates your organization’s cultural uniqueness and can be customized to meet your performance goals.

To fully appreciate the impact that mentorships can have on organizational performance, we continually study and benchmark mentoring development best practices across industries-focusing on companies recognized for their mentoring programs. The innovative approach of eMentorConnect™ will lead to the retention of high performers, results exceeding goals, and recruitment of top external talent.

The SOAR Factor
  •  Simplicity – Your eMentorConnect® application is designed to remove hinderances from your mentorship program, not create new ones. Every aspect of eMentorConnect® is simple in its participant-focused layout. Whether you’re a mentee, mentor or program champion your tools are transparent and only one or two clicks away.
  • Online – eMentorConnect® is an application based system that is trackable and quantitative. Participation has never been more trackable, progress has never been more tangible.
  • Attribute Based – A participant driven matching model minimizes mismatches. eMC offers mentors and mentees the opportunity to leverage their unique strengths to benefit the growth and development of others, themselves, as well as their company.
  • Results Delivered – eMentorConnect® offers leaders a way to assess the impact of the company mentoring program.