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Quiz : What type of professional mentor are you?

Quiz : What type of professional mentor are you?

How do you fit in your mentee’s corporate dream team as a professional mentor?

The 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team was the first American Olympic team to feature active professional players from the national basketball association.  The team was named the “Dream Team” due to the brilliant combination and variety of skill and talent of its members. Many believe the Dream Team to be one of, if not the greatest sports teams ever assembled.

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You may be wondering how this relates to mentoring.  In the same way that the US was intentional in curating a variety of talent to secure an Olympic win, you should do the same within your mentoring network.  All mentors are not created equal.  In this article by Betty Liu, she describes the four types of mentors that anyone would need to succeed in life.  She calls them the 4 C’s of mentors: The coach, the connector, the cheerleader, and the challenger.   

Mentors bring a variety of expertise, gifts, and talents!  In addition to these skills, each mentor has a different style and approach to their mentoring approach.  While it is true that if a mentee will have a less than robust mentorship experience with only a limited style of mentors, it is also important for mentors to understand their style. 

A mentor that understands their predominant mentorship style will be better suited to service their mentee.  Awareness of this style can help a mentor have a conversation with a prospective mentee about how to further build out their mentorship dream team.  Knowing this will help mentors leverage others within their mentorship network. It is just like Michael Jordan knowing when to throw the basketball to Scottie Pippen.  Michael understood his own strengths and weaknesses, but also those of the other players on the team. The goal is to help your mentee win! Understanding where you fit into the larger picture on your mentee’s team will optimize their mentorship experience!

If you’d like to find out more about your mentorship style, take short quiz provided by eMentorConnect.  Comment below on your mentorship style.  

Yolanda Johnson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Highly energetic and enthusiastic HR professional. Skilled in aligning business strategy with talent management programs that initiate and sustain corporate culture change. Demonstrated ability to apply a systematic process for analyzing human performance gaps and closing them